A mix of the 70’s hippie style and the 90’s street mood.
Conceptualized from the 2014 American film Inherent Vice and Larry “Doc” Sportello’s view of the world.
Emphasizing unique colors and conveying a relaxed feel through incorporating marine blue tie dyes and patterns created with kasuri yarn.
Also showcasing items from a special collaboration project with one of the world’s most unique indigo dyed leather produced from the city of Kyoto.
This is a collection with a touch of American wear from the old days combined with the stylish fabrics and precise construction of the Japanese factories.

2014 年アメリカ 映画「インヒアレント・ヴァイス」ラリー・“ドック”・スポーテッロの世界観に着想した
70 年代ヒッピーテイストと90 年代のストリート感を融合