20.Dec 2016


ISSUE #005


Manufactured by Zanter corporation; the first to produce down wear in Japan.
In 1951, they launched as the gear department of the Toyo feather industry corporation. Joint research with the mountaineers of the Japanese Alpine Club Manaslu, led to the development of the first feather filled gears and sleeping bags for mountaineers, earning them a reputation of being the first and one of the only long established domestic manufacturers for down feather products. A representative of "Made In Japan", they manufacture for many of the domestic collection brands and well known design houses, incorporating their technologies and experiments developed throughout the years.

From superior quality feather to down ( 90% down , 10% feather ) :
Filled with down from England’s Cherry Valley ducks; rich in volume and resiliency than the average down feather. Due to the denseness of its feathers, these down feather balls are larger, holding more air space, not easily losing its shape, and has high heat retention. This material is brought into Japan, carefully selected and processed ( washed and sterilized ). High technology processing produces down with excellent properties of heat retention, moisture wicking and durability. The many years of experience developed original down encapsulation methods providing great comfort for the wearer.

About the material: DICROS SOLO
DICROS SOLO is a high density polyester twill fabric manufactured by Daichi Orimono corporation. The fabric is composed of 93T polyester yarns in the weft and warp. “SOLO”, a yarn that was developed from a material composition described to be between polyester and nylon, is used to give the fabric its shape memory. The fabric produces vivid colors and its properties of shape memory gives it its unique touch.

1951年に現・東洋羽毛工業株式会社のウエア部門として発足し登山用の羽毛服、羽毛シュラフ(寝袋)を日本山岳会マナスル登山隊と共同研究し、日本で初めて開発する等、老舗国産メーカーである。その技術や経験を生かしMADE IN JAPANをベースに多くの国産コレクションブランドやメゾンブランドまで生産を手がけている。

良質な羽毛からダウンへ(ダウン90% フェザー10%):

DICROS SOLOは、第一織物社の高密度ポリエステルツイルを採用。経糸、緯糸に93Tポリエステル糸を使用。ポリエステルとナイロンの中間原料として開発された”SOLO”という糸を使用することで形状記憶性をもたせた素材。鮮やかな発色性を持ち、形状記憶に優れ独特な風合いがある。

From the beginnings of the brand, down has been incorporated into every Autumn / Winter collection. BLUEY produces activity wear regardless of the season, making this an essential material for the brand. The Down Muffler, is a primary item of the collection. This season merging down with a 7 gauge mohair knit. The 16AW collection revolves around the concept of an “outdoor field”; the winter sea, snow mountains, battlefields, and grasslands. Refining the earthiness of military items and offering a collection based on military looks.

ブランドスタートより毎AWコレクションで展開。季節問わずアクティビティウェアを展開するブルーイには必要不可欠なアイテムである。今シーズン16AWでは冬の海や雪山、戦場、草原といった” アウトドアフィールド” をキーワードにデザイン。土臭さのあるミリタリーアイテムに品格をプラスした大人のミリタリースタイルを提案。定番のダウンマフラーは7ゲージのウールモヘアニットとのコンビネーション。