13.May 2016

Las Vegas joint exhibition

ISSUE #001

Liberty Fashion & Lifestyle Fairs

Through the Liberty Fashion and Lifestyle Fairs, BLUEY has been able to effectively reach out not only to the US, but to other Asian countries; a feat not realistic through standard domestic PR.

For 5 seasons beginning with the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, BLUEY was the only Japanese brand to maintain a continuous presence at Liberty Fairs. Although there has been an increase of Japanese brands throughout the seasons, BLUEY was one of the first to show. This perseverance has become a strength. With each showing, BLUEY’s creations and overall brand reputation received further attention. Other designers in attendance have come to recognize the brand, as it became more rooted in the fashion scene.

There are approximately 300 brands exhibiting their garments at Liberty Fairs. Through interviews and interactions, BLUEY has been able to stand out and increase the number of retailers to work with. It has been a successful ride thus far.

JAPANブランドの出展が少ない中、BLUEYはJAPANブランドの中で唯一、14 AWから5シ−ズン継続して出展し続けている。

The evident respect for “Made in Japan” was present throughout the seasons. People’s expectations for the finest in creationーwhich "Made in Japan" has to offerーis on the rise. This is not particularly on a commercial level. There is a strong focus from a creative perspective, and people are more than willing to share their pure, unadulterated opinions. This is something new, for it is rare to come across objective criticism in Japan and at the same time, it raises the bar. Quite often, this may lead to a certain level of intimidation, but BLUEY sees it as a challenge. A very welcomed challenge.

The Autumn/Winter 2016 collection was exhibited in February 2015. There was a considerable decrease in the number of attendees. The reason? A shift in buying strategies. The movements and preferences of buyers are changing. There is a shift towards joint exhibitions. With limited time available, buyers are beginning to prefer joint exhibitions where they can spend more time with each brand while being exposed to several different aesthetics all at once. It is efficiency at its best.

Recognizing the expectations of "Made in Japan", BLUEY has taken note of this new buying trends. Therfore continuously looking for new partners to exhibit at the showroom with. There has been a good deal of fun from this shift.

For 4 seasons, BLUEY has had the pleasure of working with retail partner, Mr.Shawn from New Orleans, Louisiana’s REGARDING FRESH. Mr.Shawn was kind to acknowledge that this partnership is a great opportunity for him to visit Japan. There is no greater opportunity than to be able to strengthen relationships with other brands and take on new challenges as partners.

回を重ねるごとに感じるのは、MADE IN JAPANへのリスペクト、繊細なモノ作りや拘りへの高まる期待値だ。

この状況下だからこその嬉しいことも。4シーズンのお付き合いが続くNew OrleansにあるREGARDING FRESH®のSHAWN氏の「日本へ行く良い機会が出来た」という、言葉。